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Pharmaceutical Colours


Pharmaceutical Colours


28 November, 2023

Within the realm of medicine, Ajanta Colours takes the lead in manufacturing pharmaceutical colours. Our focus on excellence isn't just about creativity; it reflects our deep dedication to health and well-being. Each colour we create is a commitment to go beyond mere compliance with rules. We strive to exceed your expectations and establish new benchmarks for medical colours. We recognize the vital role medicines play in people's well-being, and we keep this in mind when crafting our colours.

Our pharmaceutical colours go beyond being simple pigments or dyes. Our colours are a valuable addition to a wide range of products, including Tablets and Capsules, Liquid Medicines or Syrups, Ointments and Creams, Paediatric Medications, Nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, Herbal Supplements, and more.

Ajanta Colours offers a wide range of high-quality colour options. in the category of Primary colours (Basic colours), we provide choices like Tartrazine Supra, Sunset Yellow FCF Supra, Sunset Yellow (C.S.) Supra, Sunset Yellow FCF (dark) Supra, Ponceau 4r Supra, Carmoisine Supra, Amaranth Supra, Brilliant Blue FCF Supra, Indigo Carmine Supra, Erythrosine Supra, Allura Red Supra, Chocolate Brown HT Supra, Patent Blue V Supra, Quinoline Yellow Supra, Green S Supra, Black PN Supra, Titanium dioxide Supra, and many more.

Additionally, in the Blended colours (colour Mixtures) category, Ajanta offers options like Lemon Yellow Supra, Orange-Red Supra, Lime Green Supra, Apple Green Supra, Pea Green Supra/Mint Green Supra, Chocolate Brown ANK Supra, Chocolate Brown TAS Supra, Kesari Supra, Grape Purple/Violet Supra, Black S Supra, Caramel Brown Supra, Strawberry Red Supra, Raspberry Red Supra, Bright Green Supra, Egg Yellow Supra, Bright Pink Supra, Bright Blue Supra, Tomato Red Supra, Tomato Red E Supra, Chocolate Brown ARJ Supra, Camel Brown Supra, Sweet Yellow Supra, Sea Blue Supra, and more.

Furthermore, Ajanta also provides Lake colours (colour pigments), which include options like Lake Tartrazine, Lake Sunset Yellow, Lake Ponceau 4r, Lake Amaranth, Lake Carmoisine, Lake Brilliant Blue, Lake Indigo Carmine, Lake Erythrosine, lake Allura Red, Lake chocolate brown HT, Lake Red 2G, Lake Patent Blue V, Lake Quinoline Yellow, Lake Apple Green, Lake Pea- Green, Lake Bright Green, Lake Black S, Lake Chocolate Brown Ank, Lake Violet, Lake Strawberry Red, Lake Tomato Red E, and many more.

We are committed to manufacturing high-quality colours. We have obtained all the necessary certificates and approvals from government authorities in every region we serve. These certificates including HALAL, US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), etc, reflect our adherence to stringent standards and signify our dedication to producing colours that meet the highest quality benchmarks. We assure our clients that all our products are of premium quality, crafted with precision, and subject to rigorous quality control measures. Our focus on excellence, safety, and innovation sets us apart, and we look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the finest colour solutions for their needs.

Why Ajanta’s Pharmaceutical Colours are Beneficial?

Ajanta’s Pharmaceutical colours, also known as pharmaceutical pigments or dyes, offer a range of advantages in the pharmaceutical industry and the formulation of medicinal products. These colours play a crucial role in pharmaceutical formulations, and here are some of the benefits of using Ajanta’s Pharmaceutical colours:

Precise Dosage Identification: Pharmaceutical colours are utilized to differentiate and distinguish various medications, dosages, and strengths, helping healthcare professionals and patients easily identify the right drug and dosage.

Patient Safety: The correct use of pharmaceutical colours reduces the risk of medication errors, which can have significant implications for patient safety and well-being.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: colours are often added to pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, and syrups to enhance their visual appeal. This can lead to increased patient compliance, as more attractive medications are more likely to be taken as prescribed.

Branding and Recognition: Pharmaceutical companies use consistent colour coding to build brand recognition and distinguish their products in the market. Patients and healthcare providers often come to associate certain colours with specific brands or formulations.

Coating Integrity: Pharmaceutical colours are used in film coatings for tablets and capsules to protect the active ingredients from moisture, light, and environmental factors, ensuring the integrity of the medication.

Customization: Ajanta’s Pharmaceutical colours can be tailored to meet the specific colour requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers, allowing them to create distinct and recognizable products.

Regulatory Compliance: Our colours are carefully tested and comply with regulatory standards and safety guidelines, ensuring their safe use in pharmaceutical products.

Safety and Non-Toxicity: Pharmaceutical colours are formulated to be safe for ingestion and non-toxic. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they do not cause adverse health effects.

Consistency and Quality Assurance: The use of pharmaceutical colours ensures consistent colour results in each batch of medication, maintaining quality control and regulatory compliance.

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures: Specific colours and dyes can be used as security features to deter counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products, protecting the integrity of the supply chain.

Enhanced Product Differentiation: Pharmaceutical colours offer manufacturers the ability to differentiate their products in a crowded market, making them more appealing to healthcare professionals and patients.

Brand Trust: The use of high-quality colours in pharmaceutical products fosters trust among patients, pharmacists, and healthcare providers, as it signals a commitment to product quality. These advantages contribute to the overall quality, safety, and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, ultimately benefiting both the pharmaceutical industry and patients.