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Colours for Inks

Colours for Inks

19 December, 2023

Ajanta Colours is a well-known company that manufactures many different types of ink colours. We have a wide range of ink offerings that are specially formulated to meet the specific needs of different ink applications. Our products are designed to cater to the ever- changing demands of the ink industry.

Ink colours are used in a wide range of products and applications across various industries. Some of the key products and areas where ink colours find use include Printing and Publishing, Packaging and Labels, Advertising and Promotional Materials, Textiles and Apparel, Art and Creativity, Industrial and Manufacturing, Photography and Imaging, Educational Materials, Industrial and Safety Applications, Art and Graphic Design Tools, and more.

We offer a variety of ink types, each tailored to specific applications and preferences. Dye- based inks, celebrated for their water solubility and ability to produce striking and vibrant colours, are the go-to choice for high-quality photo printing in inkjet printers. For those who prioritize longevity and resistance to water and fading, our pigment-based inks, composed of solid particles suspended in a liquid carrier, excel in professional and commercial printing.

For outdoor and industrial printing needs, our solvent-based inks, resilient against environmental elements, including UV light and moisture, ensure vivid and enduring results. Our UV-curable inks, which cure instantly under ultraviolet light, are prized for their rapid drying and strong adhesion properties. And for those venturing into dye-sublimation printing for textiles and promotional items, our sublimation inks offer vivid, long-lasting colours.

We've also got you covered with our eco-solvent and mild-solvent inks, striking a balance between durability and eco-friendliness for indoor and outdoor applications. Whatever your printing endeavor, our ink solutions are designed to meet your specific demands.

Why Ajanta’s Ink Colours are Beneficial?

The benefits of Ajanta’s Ink colours are numerous and play a vital role in various applications, including printing and writing. These specialized ink colours offer several advantages, making them a preferred choice for a range of industries. 

Vibrant and Attractive Appearance: Ajanta’s Ink colours deliver vibrant and eye-catching hues, enhancing the visual appeal of printed materials and artwork.

Colour Consistency: Our ink colours ensure that the intended colour remains consistent in different print runs, contributing to quality assurance and brand identity.

Customization: Ink colours can be tailored to match specific colour requirements, allowing for unique and personalized printing results.

Versatility: Ajanta’s Ink colours can be used in a wide range of printing applications, including commercial printing, packaging, labeling, and artistic projects.

Quick Drying: Many of these inks are formulated for fast drying, reducing the risk of smudging and improving printing efficiency.

Long-Lasting Performance: Our inks are designed to withstand exposure to environmental factors, ensuring that printed materials maintain their colour and clarity over time.

Wide Application Range: Ink colours can be used in various industries, including publishing, packaging, textiles, and artistic endeavors.

Regulatory Compliance: Ajanta’s Ink colours comply with safety and quality standards, ensuring their safe use in printing applications.

Cost-Effective: Our ink colours offer a cost-effective solution for achieving the desired visual impact in printed materials.

Enhanced Brand Recognition: The consistent use of high-quality ink colours helps establish brand recognition and loyalty among consumers who associate these colours with a specific brand or product.

High-Quality Printing: The use of these inks results in high-quality, sharp, and vibrant prints, making them suitable for various printing needs.