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Synthetic Food Colour - BRILLIANT BLUE FCF

Synthetic BRILLIANT BLUE FCF, also known as FD&C Blue no. 1, is a water-soluble dye and an important hue in synthetic food-color manufacturing. This artificial dye is derived from petroleum, with the chemical composition C37H34N2Na2O9S3. This colour is known for its deep and rich blue hue that gives a vivid appealing look to various products. BRILLIANT BLUE FCF offers a sophisticated appearance for a wide range of products such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc., and comes in liquids, powders, and gels.

History of the Synthetic BRILLIANT BLUE FCF Colour

Brilliant Blue FCF was first synthesized in the early 20th century by chemists who wanted to expand the range of available artificial colours. The composition of BRILLIANT BLUE FCF includes aromatic compounds that allow this dye to produce a strong blue colour when dissolved. In the mid of the 20th century, this dye gained popularity for its ability to deliver vibrant, appealing, and consistent colour to many foods and drink products. In 1969, this synthetic dye was approved by the FDA for use in various products in the United States. Today, Brilliant Blue FCF is used by manufacturers in various applications such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more, on a global level.

Applications of Brilliant Blue FCF Colour

BRILLIANT BLUE FCF is extensively used in a variety of products. This synthetic dye is a favorable option for the food manufacturers that they use in their products such as Confectionery (candies, chewing gum), Beverages (soft drinks, sports drinks), Dairy products (ice creams, yogurts), Baked goods (cakes, frostings), etc. It is used in tablets and syrups in the pharmaceutical industry to provide them with an appealing and distinctive look. In the cosmetics industry, this dye provides a vibrant and appealing look to various items like lipsticks, nail paints, creams, etc. BRILLIANT BLUE FCF is also used in the animal feed industry to differentiate various feeds such as poultry, swine, or cattle.

Drawbacks of Using Low-Quality BRILLIANT BLUE Colour

Using low-quality colours in the products leads to several issues on the commercial level. These poor-quality dyes may not dissolve properly, resulting from uneven colouring and potential product recall. These colours have some impurities that cause adverse health risks such as allergic reactions and toxicity, which affect the brand reputation and customer trust. Therefore, it is crucial to source high-quality, pure synthetic colours to ensure product safety and consistency.

Regulatory Compliance on BRILLIANT BLUE FCF Colour

Governmental bodies of every country oversee synthetic food colours including Brilliant Blue FCF, also known as Acid Blue 9. These regulatory bodies ensure the quality and safety of the colourants for human consumption before approving their use in products. In the United States, the Food, drugs, and Cosmetics Administration (FDA), in Europe, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in China, the National Health Commission (NHC), and in Japan the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), etc., makes the regulatory standards on colours and provides approval for use in products. 

Ajanta Food Colours is a leading synthetic food colours manufacturing company in India with over 75+ years of legacy. The company offers a wide range of colourants that are approved for use in products by various governmental bodies around the world. Ajanta's high-quality colourants are in significant demand in many manufacturing industries globally such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, personal and home care products, and more.

Ajanta Food Colours uses the latest technology and machinery to remain at the forefront of the synthetic food colours manufacturing industry. These advanced machineries include ICO OES to detect heavy metals in raw materials and finished goods, high-performance liquid chromatography for organic impurities, UV spectrometry to analyze pigment content and strength, absorbance curves of colours, thin-layer chromatography, vacuum ovens for LOD tests, humidity detection in products, and colour matching machines along with other instruments for complete testing of the raw materials and colours.

Ajanta Food Colours has received various awards and certificates from the Indian governmental bodies as well as from the countries where Ajanta exports its high-quality colours. These awards and certificates include The Arch of Europe Award, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Award, certifications from The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), as well as Halal, Alcumus ISOQAR, Star-K Kosher, Food Safety System 22000 (FSSC 22000), and ISOQAR certifications, among others.


By using Ajanta’s high-quality synthetic food colours, including Brilliant Blue FCF manufacturers have significant advantages. Ajanta Food Colours offers a supra range of colourants that includes water-soluble food colours, water-soluble food colour blends, aluminum lakes, inorganic pigments, water-soluble dyes, oil-soluble dyes, and organic pigments. These colourants provide a vibrant and appealing look to the products that help manufacturers make their products unique and different from their competitors, ultimately boosting product sales and increasing brand recognition. Ajanta’s colourants offer the best stability, helping manufacturers store their products for a long time without losing their appearance.

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