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What Makes Ajanta Top Choice ?

Ajanta Colours is a global leader in the colours manufacturing industry with over 75+ years of legacy. We have 5 integrated advanced and eco-friendly manufacturing plants, which fulfill the demands of our clients across 85+ countries. The company established a reputation for itself in the client's satisfaction. We believe in quality that’s why we manufacture high-quality colourants that are suitable and demanded in various applications worldwide, including food and beverages, chocolates, sweets/mithai, confectionery items, cosmetics products, pharmaceuticals, bakery products, personal and home care products, biscuits, animal feed, inks, natural colours required items, and many more others.

We are always working on developing new and interesting colours that help companies create unique products to introduce to the market. These colours make their products stand out and easily recognizable to their customers which helps establish a brand product. Our range of colours includes Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow, Carmoisine, Erythrosine, Green, Red, Brown Dark, Caramel Colours, Annatto Colour, Paprika Colour, Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide, D & C Yellow 10 (Quinoline Yellow), D & C Red 33, D & C Red 7, Yellow Iron Oxide, Indigo Jasmine, Brilliant Blue, Chocolate Brown HT, Amaranth, Ponceau, Allura Red, and many more. Moreover, our dedication to customer satisfaction goes beyond just offering a variety of colours. We provide customized colour solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. This personalized approach ensures that Ajanta Colours remains a reliable partner for businesses looking to enhance the visual appeal of their products.

Our colours are more than just vibrant and pretty – they make a true (pure) impact on crucial products. Ajanta Chemical Industries presents a wide range of supra colours under the brand Ajanta Colours, boasting an impressive purity level exceeding 87%. To put it simply, using just 20 grams of Ajanta Colours can achieve the same brilliant result as 50 grams of other well-known brands. This highlights the superior quality and reliability of our products, a fact easily verified by ordering samples from us.

Our commitment to transparency and honesty sets us apart. We don't make false claims or commitments. We believe in delivering products that speak for themselves, and our clients can trust in the authenticity of our statements. Choosing Ajanta Colours means choosing a level of excellence that outshines the competition.

Our colours are specially crafted to withstand heat and light, ensuring that they won't lose their vibrancy or change on your products over time. This means your items will always look great, have a longer lifespan, and maintain a fresh appearance. To provide you with maximum flexibility, we offer a diverse range of packaging choices. Additionally, we have an extensive selection of packaging materials available, guaranteeing you'll discover the ideal match for your products.

Our top executives, including our CEO and Directors, prioritize and take great care to ensure that all the colour-making processes at our plants strictly adhere to environmental guidelines. We believe in providing high-quality colours to businesses while also being environmentally responsible. Whether you're a local business or located anywhere in the world, you can trust that the colours we produce meet global standards. Our commitment to the environment is a key aspect of our operations. We take pride in the fact that when you choose colours from Ajanta, you're not only getting vibrant and top-notch products but also supporting a company that values and follows eco-friendly practices. As we export our colours globally, ordering from Ajanta Colours is convenient and accessible from any part of the world. Ajanta is your global partner for colourful solutions that prioritize both quality and the planet.