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A Successful Journey of Ajanta Chemical Industries

In 1948, Anant Chemical Industries was set up and started the earlier journey of Ajanta Colours in the world of colours manufacturing. At that time India used to import food colours from European countries. But soon in 1972, A great event happened when we started manufacturing colour in India and renamed our company from 'Anant Chemical Industries’ to ‘Ajanta Chemical Industries’.

Our global expansion began in 1973, when we started exporting raw materials for colour dyes and food additives to meet the increasing demand from the denim industry and other sectors. This was the beginning of our diversification into various new products. We developed and manufactured products such as DOP, Baking Powder, Calcium Propionate, Organic Industrial Chemicals, Food Dye Intermediates, detergents, and more.

Since 1976, we have been exporting high-quality Indigo Dyes to Japan and Food Additives to Southeast Asian countries. This marked a significant step in expanding our global reach. In 2000, we diversified our product portfolio by starting the production of Lake Colours. To meet the growing demand for our products, in 2010, we consolidated our advanced manufacturing facilities in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, creating this a central hub for our production operations. In 2014, we entered the Cosmetic Colours market, adding another milestone to our company's journey. We continue to strive for excellence and innovation in our industry.

Ajanta Chemical Industries has been recognized with several prestigious awards for its excellence and quality in the field of food additives and colourants. In 2000, we received the ARCH of EUROPE award in Paris, France, for our innovation and dedication to our clients. In 2012, we received a prestigious certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety. In 2018-19, we were honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Food Conclave for our outstanding contributions to the industry. In 2024, we received the Bureau of Indian Standards Award for maintaining the highest quality standards in our products. The award ceremony was held in Jaipur, Rajasthan. These awards reflect our exceptional work and our commitment to excellence in this domain.

Ajanta Chemical Industries is a family-owned business with a legacy of excellence and innovation. The late Shri Yag Dev Bhardwaj founded the company with a vision of building long-term relationships with customers based on trust and quality. His son, Shri Shuk Dev Bhardwaj, took the company to new heights by expanding its global presence and maintaining a customer-centric approach. The current CEO of Ajanta Chemical Industries, Shri Amit Bhardwaj, represents the third generation of leadership and has brought a new wave of technological advancement, research and development, and environmental responsibility to the company. He strives for operational excellence in every aspect of the business, from product development to employee welfare. Ajanta Colours, under his guidance, continues to deliver high-quality products with ethical and sustainable practices.

Today, Ajanta Colours completed its 75+ years of legacy, having 5 Integrated advanced manufacturing plants, that serve its clients across 6 continents. Ajanta Colours offers a wide range of products, including water-soluble food colours and blends, aluminum lakes, organic and inorganic pigments, water and oil-soluble dyes, and more. Ajanta Colours is dedicated to producing high-quality and safe products that meet the needs of its diverse clientele.

The company has been awarded several certificates that attest to its excellence in colourants. Some of the certificates that Ajanta has received are:

US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)

The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) is a federal agency that regulates the safety and quality of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other products. US FDA certificate is a document that confirms that a product or a facility meets the standards and requirements of the US FDA. This certificate can provide many advantages for a business, such as enhancing its reputation, increasing its market share, reducing its liability, and facilitating its exports. Ajanta Chemical Industries has a US FDA certificate for its advanced facility and its products.

Food Safety System 22000 (FSSC 22000)

Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) is a globally recognized certification scheme for food safety management systems. It is based on ISO 22000 and other relevant standards and technical specifications. FSSC 22000 covers the entire food supply chain, from farm to fork, and ensures that food products are safe for human consumption. FSSC 22000 is endorsed by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), which means that it is widely accepted by customers and regulators around the world. Ajanta Chemical Industries has obtained the FSSC 22000 certificate for its production facilities, which proves that it meets the highest standards of food safety and quality. Ajanta Chemical Industries is proud to offer its customers safe and reliable products that comply with national and international regulations.


The halal certificate is a document that certifies that a product or service complies with the Islamic dietary laws. It is a mark of quality, safety, and hygiene that assures the consumers that the product or service is suitable for their consumption. The halal certificate also gives a competitive edge to businesses that offer halal products or services, as it opens up new markets and opportunities for them. Ajanta Chemical Industries has a halal certificate, and the company fulfills the demands of its clients across the globe.

Star-K Kosher 

Star-K Kosher Certification is a prestigious and internationally recognized certificate that verifies the compliance of food products with Jewish dietary laws. It ensures the highest standards of quality, safety, and purity for kosher consumers. Star-K Kosher Certification also provides many advantages for food manufacturers, such as increased market share, customer loyalty, and brand recognition. Ajanta Chemical Industries has been certified by Star-K Kosher Certification since 2008, and has been providing kosher products to its customers worldwide. 

Alcumus ISOQAR 

The Alcumus ISOQAR certificate is a prestigious accreditation that demonstrates the quality and reliability of a company's products and services. It is based on internationally recognized standards and best practices, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and others. By obtaining the Alcumus ISOQAR certificate, a company can enhance its reputation, increase its customer satisfaction, improve its operational efficiency, and reduce its risks and costs. Ajanta Chemical Industries has been awarded the Alcumus ISOQAR certificate for its excellence in quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management.


ISOQAR is a leading certification body that provides independent audits and accreditations for various standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and more. ISOQAR certificates demonstrate that an organization has implemented effective management systems and processes that meet the requirements of the relevant standards. Ajanta Chemical Industries is one of the proud holders of the ISOQAR certificate, which reflects its commitment to quality, environmental protection, health and safety, and customer satisfaction.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the regulatory body that ensures the quality and safety of food products in India. FSSAI certificate or registration is mandatory for any food business that manufactures, stores, transports, or distributes food. Having an FSSAI certificate can give your food business a competitive edge and boost your credibility among customers. It can also help you comply with the food safety standards and regulations set by the government. Ajanta Chemical Industries has the FSSAI certificate that shows the company's commitment to providing safe and high-quality food products to its customers.

Bureau of Indian Standards Award (BIS)

The Bureau of Indian Standards Award certificate is a prestigious recognition for the quality and excellence of products and services in India. It is awarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards body of India, to organizations that meet the criteria of quality, safety, reliability, and performance. The certificate is a mark of trust and credibility for the consumers and the industry. Ajanta Chemical Industries has a BIS certificate for maintaining the quality of its products.